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Shelley Margosian Stack

OMG, I Have A Truckload of Excuses!

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All good ones though!

I have been writing in every spare moment, between teaching piano, teaching music theory, taking care of a 14 month old, doing Writers Studio exercises and most recently, working on scenes for a novel. I have a narrator in place, I have a location, a time in history and the makings of a story. The story started as a short story exercise in the Writers Studio, based on an Alice Monroe short story. It grew to 20,000 words. Few places want to publish a short (not-so-short) story of that length. So I decided to grow it and see if I have the makings of a novel writer. I’ve been advised that it is far easier to write a book than a great short story. I shall see. Short term goal, stated today, with the best of intentions…start posting short bits and pieces of thoughts here to fuel my head. We’ll see about that too!

Author: Shelley Margosian Stack

Shelley Stack lives with her family in New Jersey, where she works as a music teacher and writes in every spare moment. Those spare moments are a challenge to capture, but she is doing it. Her fiction has appeared in Short Story America Anthology (2011), Euphony Journal, Forge, The Dos Passos Review, and The MacGuffin. Hundred-Year Legacy of Courage included two of her essays celebrating the lives of Armenian genocide survivors. She is currently working on a Young Adult novel.

One thought on “OMG, I Have A Truckload of Excuses!

  1. Looking forward with great anticipatory glee to your bits and pieces of thoughts. Looking forward even more to buying the novel!

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