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Shelley Margosian Stack

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Writing in Pajamas

Writing in pajamas is the best . . . but only up to a point. The point being when it is late enough in the morning for for¬†someone to come to your door, to ring the bell, to summon you to appear. You can’t hide because you are writing at your desk right next to the front door. You are clearly visible through a big double wide¬†window. The top and the bottom of your pajamas don’t match. Your hair is bundled on top of your head in a fright pony tail. You are wearing your glasses and your face is bare of makeup. You have a dot of zinc oxide on the one red spot on your nose. Halloween early! So while I enjoy writing in my pajamas in the morning, I will have to take a break now, to shower and dress, and be ready . . . just in case. On the other hand, maybe I should stay in my pajamas. Maybe an appearance like this would chase everyone away!